Define beautiful map visualizations with MapViz spec and render with Mapbox GL JS.


MapViz spec provides an easy, declarative approach to define common data map visualizations, such as choropleth maps, using just JSON (no JavaScript skills required). MapViz was designed to support the way most people work with data. This includes enabling joining of CSV data to admin boundaries in vector tiles, aggregating data and creating time series vizualizations.

Gisida is a JavaScript/React framework that converts MapViz layers to beautiful, interactive maps using Mapbox GL JS. MapViz is an extension of the Mapbox Style Spec with which it aims to remain compatible.

MapViz Spec

What Gisida Currently Supports

  • - Join CSV to geojson or vector tiles
  • - High resolution vector map rendering
  • - Layer & basemap selector
  • - Choropleths with colorbrewer palettes & statistical breaks
  • - Time series analysis
  • - Grouped layers
  • - Autogenerated Legends
  • - Custom popups with {{Mustache}} templates
  • - High resolution map exports

Demo Sites (pass = demo)


Gisida was made possible with support from UKAID. This came out of work supporting DFID's Humanitarian Programme in Somalia as part of the MESH Project.

How To

1. Setup index.html and include gisida.js script

2. Set up config file

3. Deploy gisida and gisida react